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Seller’s Guide

Selling your home in San Diego? Here are some tips to help ensure a successful sale.

    1. You’ll need a real estate agent. We are here to get the bulk of the work off of your shoulders. We will market your home like it’s the hottest piece of real estate in the area. Because it is! We will also come up with a strategy that attracts qualified homebuyers with our exclusive marketing program.


    1. Inspect and improve. Before selling your home, you will want to get an inspection done to identify any issues that may hinder or undermine the selling process. Identifying underlying problems early gives you a head start, allowing you to know which aspects of your home you should improve or upgrade. Once everything is up to par with your neighborhood’s standards, it’s time to tackle the next crucial step – coming up with an asking price.


    1. Appraise and set the price. Getting your home appraised will help you set the selling price of your home. A comparative market analysis, prepared by us will also help to make sure your home is priced accordingly. You will want to get this one right from the get-go because a home that is not priced right is just not going to attract any serious offers.


    1. Accept the best offer. A pretty price for your home sure is attractive, but you should definitely make sure that your buyer actually has the proper financing to pay for your home. Also, if you don’t like everything that’s on the purchase offer, making a counteroffer is totally acceptable. Once you and your buyer have agreed on terms, contingencies, and the timeframe, sign the contract and let the work begin. Be prepared to meet your buyer’s contingencies in a timely manner. The buyer also has some work to do.


  1. Finalize and seal the deal. Once everything is deemed satisfactory by both parties, it’s time to close the deal. At the close, transaction costs will be settled, signatures collected, funds transferred, and important paperwork done. A neutral third-party usually conducts the closing. Once everything is settled, it’s time to hand over the deed and the keys to your home’s new owner. Congratulations!

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